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Christmas Sarcasm Design Range

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  •  A Candy Cane Sarcastic Christmas Design. Fun Candy Cane Typography stroked graphics, Super Fun Scrouge Sarcasm statement Seasonal design. For that larger than life fun-loving friend, brother, sister, mum or dad.

  • Grab for the best Birthday gift or ideal Xmas present for him or her. Another brilliant make you smile release by Ruftup Design. A perfect idea to buy for that larger than life friend who is a born prankster, joker and a total laugh.

Gonna Go Lay Under The Tree To Remind My Family That I'm A Gift
I'm Only A Morning Person On December 25th
Permanently On Santas Naughty List And Loving Every Minute Of It
I'm Not Drunk I'm Full Of Holiday Spirit
It's Beginning To Cost Alot Like Christmas
I'm Ho Ho Hammered
Let It Snow Somewhere Else
Dear Santa I Plead No Contest
Sweet But Twisted Does That Make Me A Candy Cane
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